Beautiful One-Page Websites Created with Wix

June 18th 2013 | Web Design

When visiting a new website, most of the time we expect to find a fixed structure that includes a homepage, an information page, a portfolio page and so forth. But not all websites need to adhere to this structure. Many Wix users choose to use One-Page website templates that contain all the necessary info on a single scroll.

If it sounds like too much info being clustered together, or alternatively, like these sites are missing valuable content due to lack of space, you are up for a surprise. Have a look at the websites here below. You’ll see how the bold decision to go with a one-page website can sometimes be a winning decision.

True, it won’t work for any site. An online store or an ad agency will need more space to display their services. But for the following cases, a one-page website is something to consider:

  • Freelancers who need an online business card
  • Event planners who want to promote a single event
  • Recent graduates seeking to create a simple online CV
  • Users that are working on a full website and want to use a designed Coming Soon page
  • Anyone who wishes to say more with less

Let’s give the one-pagers the option to speak for themselves. Here they are:

Lisa Ray Retoucher

1 pager_13


Beautiful One-Page Websites

Celebrate Bass

Beautiful One-Page Websites


Beautiful One-Page Websites

From My Mat to Yours

Beautiful One-Page Websites

Lasting Relationships Through Change

Beautiful One-Page Websites


Beautiful One-Page Websites

Popup World

Beautiful One-Page Websites

Hair Tropical

Beautiful One-Page Websites


Beautiful One-Page Websites


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