Tips for Food Photography

Amazing Tips for Food Photography

May 1st 2013 | Photography Tips

Crazy about photography? So are we. Likewise, we love food! And nothing is better than combining two passions and creating food photo-magnificence.  In this post, we gathered expert tips to help you perfect the art of food photography.

If you own a restaurant or a catering business, use these tips as you photograph your own food and place the images in your website. This way your customers will be sure to see the delicious dishes you offer, and we all know pictures speak louder than words, especially when it comes to food. All the awesome photos you’ll see come from amazing food and restaurant websites created with Wix!

Let’s get started with something cool. Our guess is that you’re craving one of these Frenzy smoothies right now:

Tips for Food Photography


Try Different Angles

A good looking dish is a great photography subject. But let’s face it, we all have our better side. Try different angles – left, right, top, bottom. Close ups are always great for food photography. Also try the bird’s eye view, some of the best photos take place when you stand on a chair above the dish. Keep snapping them so you could have shots from all angles and choose the best one.

A top shot turned Baguette and Butter’s dish into a work of art:

Tips for Food Photography


Get the Right Lighting

Flash can ruin a perfectly good photo and it’s best to avoid in food photography. Get as much natural light into the picture as you can, it helps to keep the food looking much more natural. You may have to move the dish closer to the window or plan ahead of time so that you take the picture before sunset.

Crustz used the window in their patisserie to make these little cream puffs look even more delicious:

Tips for Food Photography


Small Details Make a Big Difference

Give your food that extra touch that can turn it from nice looking to beautiful. Garnish the dish with colorful additions like an orange peel on a cake or freshly cut cilantro leaves. If you’re shooting a pecan pie, drizzle on a little glaze to make it look pretty and delicious on camera. Also, don’t disregard the small stuff. Keep in mind that using nice cutlery and a pretty plate could really improve the look of any photo. All these little details can really make a picture pop and give it that extra pizzazz that it wouldn’t otherwise have. Try different things and have fun!

Look how adding a small thing like chives or star anise makes Cream Catering’s dish look dashing:

Tips for Food Photography


Jazz Up the Set

How about a glass of orange juice to go with that muffin? A glass of wine in the behind your steak? Bring in props as you plan the composition of the photo. These extras can help to create the context for the food and ultimately make the photo more interesting. Do remember to keep it simple as too many props can be distracting. Consider one or two extra elements such as a glass, fork, flower or napkin to add to the photo. These elements can often be placed in secondary positions in the foreground or background of your shot.

Cream Catering used sushi as the star of this picture but they brought in some extras as well:

Tips for Food Photography


Keep the Background Simple

Most often, a simple, clean background helps to show-off the subject the most. Make sure there is a color contrast between the background and the food and don’t have the two be a similar color or shade. For example, cherries served on a red plate aren’t going to stand out. It’s best to keep the back organized and if you’re not sure, stick to a plain white background.

Clean, simple, delicous – Luca Brambilla:

Tips for Food Photography


Make it Real

The overall idea is to make the dish look as fresh and natural as possible – and that can include a bit of a mess. Make it real- if you slice a cake and a few crumbs end up on the table, look at it through the eye of the camera, it may just be the perfect addition to an amazing photo. Take a bite, drip some cream or remove a slice from a cake to give the image, a fresh, appetizing sense.

Foxpot–  kept it as real and rustic as possible:

Tips for Food Photography


Industry Tricks for Food Photography

As long as you have no plans for eating the food afterwards, there are some cool industry tricks you can use to enhance the look of the food and make sure it lasts through a long photo shoot. For example, did you know you can use motor oil as a stand-in for less-photogenic syrup, or make your fruit glisten by spraying some deodorant on them? You can also make perfect-looking ice cream that won’t ever melt with some mashed potatoes. Get the full list of tricks on Pixiq.

We believe Shelly Schultz used her talent and really good chocolate as her special trick:

Tips for Food Photography

Lastly, if you plan on posting your photos on Instagram check out our tips for Instagram food photography!


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