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Wix Updates \ MAY 23rd 2013

Get More People to Revisit Your Website With These Wix Apps

One of the most important indicators of a great website is the rate of returning visitors. If people like a website so much that they decide to revisit, it usually means that the website owner is doing something good. Still, website owners are mostly concerned with how to increase traffic and think less about how to encourage first-time visitors to come again.

It goes without saying that you need great web design and excellent content to leave a lasting impression on your audience. But you also need to consider adding tools that increase returning visitors. On the Wix App Market, you can find many apps that can be easily integrated with your Wix site. We’d like to introduce you to five of these apps that are especially helpful in bringing in more returning visitors.

Use these apps to make people come back for more (all available on the Wix App Market):

MPZMail Email Marketing

Creating and maintaining a high-quality newsletter is probably one of the most effective methods to encourage people to have a look at your site again.

The MPZMail app allows you to set up a subscription field directly on your homepage, as well as design a great email and send it out to all subscribers. You also get valuable insight into your emails’ performance, so you can constantly optimize your content strategy.

Get More People to Revisit Your Website With These Wix Apps


If site visitors feel that your website is the storefront of your online activity, they are much more likely to revisit in order to get the full picture on your business or your service.

Tint can help you with that by incorporating all of your social feeds into your site, making it a one-stop-shop for your entire online presence. Instead of pointing your visitors to many different directions, use Tint to display your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest directly on your site.

Get More People to Revisit Your Website With These Wix Apps

Facebook Comments

Like it or not, Facebook has found a killer formula for getting people to engage with each other, as well as with brands and companies. A Facebook comment widget makes users more involved in the comments they share. After all, their faces are attached to it, so they follow the discussion even after expressing their thoughts and often re-engage with it.

The scenario is simple – a site visitor leaves a Facebook comment on your website and leaves. When someone else engages with this comment, the author of the original one receives a Facebook update about it is eager to see what’s going on. The next stop? That’s right, a visit to your website.

Get More People to Revisit Your Website With These Wix Apps


This one is vital for eCommerce site owners. Your ultimate goal is to get people to shop directly on your website and to turn them into returning customers. To achieve this, you need to provide them with the ultimate online shopping experience, and Shopify is just the app for that.

Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform that can be easily integrated into your Wix website. It offers superb product display, numerous payment options and a smooth user experience. It gives you all you need to guarantee that your clients are satisfied with your store.

Get More People to Revisit Your Website With These Wix Apps

News List

Keeping your site frequently updated with fresh content is a great way to get visitors to bookmark your website. If they see a dynamic News or Announcements section, they get the feeling that each visit to your site will offer new information.

News List is one of the most popular apps on the Wix App Market, because it answers a basic need in a simple and user-friendly way – it lets you seamlessly update your site with recent news and current events. To get the best results from this app, place it in a prominent place on your site – either on the homepage itself or in a special News page that is easy to find.

Get More People to Revisit Your Website With These Wix Apps

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