How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music

May 30th 2013 | Promote Your Site

Stiff competition out there for musicians trying to get heard!  Many musicians are taking advantage of social media tools and music streaming apps to gain attention and get their music played. Since you probably want to focus more on playing your music and less on publicity work, here are a few ways to get max results for your time invested:

Upload Your Music to Soundcloud

Besides having a community of over 10 million listeners at your disposal, the other main advantage of using Soundcloud is that you get a unique URL for each song, which you can post and stream wherever you like. Soundcloud has even surpassed MySpace as the #1 music platform as a result of their being so easy to embed.

Soundcloud also like to give a boost to their users by promoting selected musicians on their own social channels. If one of your tracks ends up on their Facebook Wall, you will instantly reach a large new audience.

Another plus for using SoundCloud is that you can easily integrate your entire playlist there into your Wix website. Check this out.

How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music

Stay Active on Social Media

Facebook, Reverbnation, MySpace (yup, still exists) and are some of the most popular sites for showcasing new music. Make sure you have your own YouTube channel to share your music and videos on the number 2 search engine on the net. There’s an in-depth guide called “Youtube for Musicians”  that explains how you can create effective videos that promote your music. Also check out Twitter (#Music) which is an emerging and popular way to trend your tunes.

The main point here is to understand the special advantages each network has to offer you as a musician. Facebook is amazing for setting up events for live shows, but it’s not always the best place for posting videos. Instagram is great to show off your pics, but you can’t share links on it. Experiment with these platforms, follow other musicians and get a good sense of how to make the most out of it.

How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music

Get in Touch with Music Bloggers

Music blogs that have many followers are a great way to get more exposure. They can feature you and create a buzz like only a great music aficionado can, but you should be smart about how you contact them. Don’t just post your music on the blog comments, send them a personal email. Successful bloggers get a lot of requests from musicians, so you need to give them something that will really grab their attention (unique concerts, collaborations, special releases, etc.). And most importantly, be yourself when you approach them.

Build Yourself a Website

Create a space where you can build a fan base by uploading pics/vids from your live shows, update about upcoming gigs and release dates. Share your experiences as a musician and engage with your audience. You can also set up a small shop to offer merchandise on your site. Just make sure you update your site often so that fans and interested parties can see that you are active.

Wix offers amazing website templates for musicians. Start creating and you’ll have a killer website to display your music in no time.

How to Get More Online Exposure for Your Music


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