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Promote Your Site \ APR 30th 2013

Adding Testimonials to Your Website – Why and How

Your satisfied customers are an untapped marketing asset that can give a boost to your business. Acquiring and utilizing testimonials is an inexpensive and simple way of displaying evidence of your company’s worth and convincing new customers to join your community of happy clientele.

At Wix, we have a special page that displays user success stories called “Wix Talks“. These are real people with real stories, and that’s what makes their testimonials so powerful. We find that when we let Wix users speak in their own words, the message is much more compelling. They are not promoting Wix, they are sharing their real-life experiences with our product.

Adding Testimonials to your Website


How to Get Powerful Testimonials

Asking for testimonials can be done in several ways, assuming you have an awesome product or service, of course. You can have an automatic feedback form emailed to your clients to fill out after they’ve purchased from you. Alternatively you can call your customers and ask them if they would consider answering a few questions for feedback (sounds better than testimonial) to include on your website.

Many people are happy to do this, especially if you have a b2b (“business to business”) service or some type of dedicated page where you feature your customers success stories; Your clients will also view this as additional publicity for their own businesses and many will volunteer photos and links to their site for you to incorporate.

You’ll find that your best testimonials happen naturally, you just can’t make up the good stuff that people write, but you can offer them some guidance and steer them a bit in your direction.

Adding Testimonials to your Website


Here are a few questions you can ask to get closer to the results you’d like.

  • How did you hear about us?
  • Give a “before” description of where you were before our product/service.
  • Give an “after” description of how things look now after using our product/service.
  • Describe how our product has helped you achieve your goals.
  • Would you recommend us to your colleagues/friends/boss? Please tell us why.
Check Fotografia Sitges testimonials for inspiration:


Adding Testimonials to your Website


There are many open lines of communication with customers today via social media. Make the most of positive comments received by fans on Facebook, Twitter, etc. by using them in your testimonials. You just need to ask permission first. Also ask if it’s ok to use their full name and photo as this will add credibility to you testimonials. You will usually have no problem getting their permission to quote them on your site, but if you don’t ask permission you can count on getting several complaints.

Easy Care Sitters use testimonials to spread the word about their reliable babysitting services:

Adding Testimonials to your Website


Before scoring any testimonials, commit yourself to not only providing the best possible product/service, but also you need to strive to go above and beyond your customer’s expectations each and every time. This will ensure that your ears will be ringing with celebratory remarks and kudos for a job well done.

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