Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users

April 8th 2013 | Small Business Tips

Thinking out of the box might be risky, but in today’s business world, creativity and originality are key ingredients in getting people to notice you. People are always into new experiences, new flavors, new attitudes – offering them an unusual product or service is a good way of grabbing their attention.

This showcase features 11 exceptional websites created by Wix users. All websites boast fresh business ideas and encompass a spirit of entrepreneurship and  innovation. Check them out and gain some inspiration for your own new project.

SupaNova Mobile DJ >>
The life of the party is now for hire. SupaNova can help you jive every event with their team of retro dancing experts. This is an ideal job for anyone who loves to have fun and knows how to get people excited.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Adventure People >>

Anyone who wants to turn a visit abroad into a thriller will definitely be interested in this initiative. Adventure People organize trips for travelers that get easily bored on a normal tour bus. A day job can hardly get more exciting than this.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


ReUp Design and Events >>

Combining a passion for excellent events with an environmental philosophy, ReUp is a one-of-a-kind event planning service with an eco-chic style and attitude. This is a great example of a business that offers added value which gives it a competitive edge in the market.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users

Bone Zappetit >>

Organic food for dogs? Why not, actually? Bone Zappetit are showing their love of canines with a special line of treats for the four-legged friends – including Yoda dog biscuits! They have excellent branding and great products that help them really stand out from the crowd.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Bambino Box >>

Everyone loves a surprise gift, so why not turn that into a business? Bambino Box does exactly that. Expecting and new moms can enjoy this monthly service with a hand-picked delivery of premium products for their babies . It’s a lovely idea that caters to a specific target market, and as you can see, their website reflects that very well.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Human Billboard >>

The Human Billboard company for advertising is taking branding to the next level. The idea itself may not be so new, but their approach is and so is the product that they offer. Check them out.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Raval Dreams Appartments >>

Are you aware of the thriving market for vacation rentals? Savvy travelers are sick of staying in hotels and want to enjoy a holiday destination like locals do. Raval Dreams is an example of how this works. They rent a gorgeous Barcelona flat for short term visitors – an amazing source of extra income.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Perfect Proposal >>

There are wedding proposals and there are wedding proposals. Perfect Proposals job is to make sure yours is a smashing one. This is a perfect example of recognizing an opportunity with an emerging niche market and leveraging it into a business.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Starlite Pirate Parties >>

Think of yourself as a kid and imagine how awesome it would be to have Peter Pan or Spiderman visit your birthday party. Starlite Pirate Parties is the service that can make that happen. They have different characters and various packages, like treasure hunts with “real” pirates. Such a fun line of work!

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Shoe Box Photo Restoration >>

Adam Malin is a designer that uses his skills to help people recreate memories by restoring old photographs. He started by scanning his own family photos and improving them on Photoshop, and a business idea was born. Now he runs Shoe Box Photo Restoration and caters to a growing circle of clients.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


Urban Hiker SF >>

Who would have thought that hiking can be a source of income? Alexandra Kenin had the guts to follow her heart and start Urban Hikers SF, a hiking group for folks who love hiking and love the city of San Francisco. Her business offers people with a busy routine an opportunity to stay in shape and spend time outdoors. Check out this video of Alexandra and hear her talk about her path as a unique business owner.

Unique Business Ideas by Wix Users


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