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Google & SEO \ APR 29th 2013

Small Biz, Small Ad Budget, Big Results with Smart Advertising

Small businesses that seek a strong and profitable online presence often ignore the advantages of online advertising options like PPC (Pay-per-Click). One of the reasons is that it’s not easy to run a successful PPC campaign on the lean budget that most small businesses can afford.

However, if you do your homework and come up with creative content for you ads, a PPC campaign can boost your website’s traffic in no time and bring in a targeted and interested audience.

Here’s a short guide to creating an effective PPC campaign for a small business:

 Small Biz, Small Ad Budget, Big Results with Smart Advertising


What Is PPC?

Pay-per-Click advertising allows you to create ads and only pay for the number of clicks that they generate. You can use PPC ads on search engines (you know these links you see on the right when you search on Google?); You can also purchase ad spots on websites that are related to your target market; Recently, Facebook created their own PPC feature that has proven to be very profitable.

In this post, we will concentrate on PPC ads that run on search engines. Stay tuned for a special post focusing on Facebook advertising.

Did you know? When you upgrade your Wix website to a yearly Combo, Unlimited or eCommerce package, you get a $75 coupon for Google AdWords. Use this coupon to jumpstart your PPC campaign.

Let’s get PPCing!

 Small Biz, Small Ad Budget, Big Results with Smart Advertising

Keyword Research

Common keywords are highly competitive, increasing the cost of the bid. Yet this does not exclude small businesses from getting in on the game. Everyone can make the most out of PPC advertising by finding niche keywords with low top bids. Use Google’s Keyword Tool to discover lower cost keywords that are within your budget.


Be specific

The more exact your keyword term is, the better and cheaper it will be. For example:

  • “Website design” has 5 million searches a month – bidding cost is likely to be high
  • “Website designer” has 2.7 million a month – also a costly keyword but cheaper than the above
  • “Hire website designer” has only 4,400 searches a month – likely to be much more affordable, as well as giving you better quality traffic
  • “Hire website designer New York” shows only several results – a perfect, untouched keyword which is up for grabs

 Small Biz, Small Ad Budget, Big Results with Smart Advertising

Geo Location

If your business is locally-based, add your Geo location into the mix and you’ll have a winning formula. In your Google AdWords account, select your preferred geo audience for a more targeted ad.


Ad Testing

A wonderful feature of PPC advertising is the ability to test ad copy by instantly pausing campaigns. Here are some things to remember:

  • Be creative in your ad copy, try out different wording and see which works best for you
  • To get a fair test, it’s important that you use the ‘rotate ad evenly’ feature
  • Keep the test running for a while to generate significant results. 10 click of data won’t be enough to give you honest results
  • When you’ve found the winning ad, pause the loser, make a new version of the winner and test again!
  • Note: Check both traffic and conversion. Wacky content may generate traffic but it is conversions that bring in the money. 

Small Biz, Small Ad Budget, Big Results with Smart Advertising

Smooth User-Flow

A vital step to successful PPC is creating a smooth customer journey. Your ad MUST reflect the keywords you choose, and your Landing Pages (the pages linked to the ad) must be relevant to the ad’s content. There should be a direct connection between the search term, the text in the ad and the content of the landing page. Matching your copy to create a smooth user-flow will have a dramatic impact on your PPC campaign.

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