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Set Up Your Work Space to Increase Productivity

If your body is a shrine for your soul, your work space is the shrine of your business. Treat it as such. Establishing a work space where you feel comfortable and everything is in place increases your productivity and therefore your profits. You will accomplish more tasks in less time in a clutter-free environment.

You don’t need a fancy office with a breathtaking view of downtown, just a properly-lit and clean dedicated space that works for you. Here are some small adjustments that can make a world of difference.

 Set Up Your Work Space to Increase Productivity


Dedicated Zone

While some of you may prefer to set up office in a coffee shop or hop into bed with your laptop, having a dedicated space for work, storage and living will help you fend off a huge mess.

If you’re working from home, don’t hang your clothes on your office chair, and don’t put important papers on your living room coffee table. Confine your things to the area where they belong.

Set Up Your Work Space to Increase Productivity


Clearing Clutter

You can clear clutter without a staff member of the “Hoarders” show coming over and taking it all away. First, remove everything of your desk and sort it into categories. Then find a proper storage receptacle for each category. Keep only the items you use on a daily basis in an organizer on your desk or in a handy top drawer.

Many of you don’t realize how many storage solutions there are for organizing your office. Containers for most of your paperwork and supplies are inexpensive compared to all the time you will save later in looking for a lost post-it in a pile in your office.

Visit an office supply store immediately and get all of the storage items you need, i.e. filing cabinets, shelving, supply organizers, wall pockets, in and out boxes and you’ll be thanking yourself often.

 Set Up Your Work Space to Increase Productivity


Twice A Day Keeps Chaos Away

Take 5 minutes twice a day to place sort incoming paper into the incoming bin even if you can’t process it immediately, at least put it a nice neat pile and shred anything you don’t need in hard copy. If you have an extra hour each week, spend it organizing your office and fine tuning your work space efficiency.


Label It All

Everything in your office needs to be labeled, otherwise all of the time you spent sorting will be wasted when you can’t remember which file is where, or, what is in that box anyway?

Set Up Your Work Space to Increase Productivity


Scan What You Can

There is absolutely no reason to have hard copies of every single piece of paper. You can scan important documents and recycle all of those old bills; invoices etc. and immediately scan any new docs you receive so that you don’t get such a build-up. 21 century tech makes it easier to reduce the mess and increase productivity.

 Set Up Your Work Space to Increase Productivity


Digitizing the Organizing

After clearing your desk, take the time to clear your desktop too! Let your new found organized-ness spill over to the computer and get your digital space all neat and orderly. Don’t save everything to your desktop – make sure you back up! Organize your incoming emails into subfolders and make sure you have well labeled folders for all projects, docs, photos, music etc. on your hard drive.

 Set Up Your Work Space to Increase Productivity


Synchronize Calendars, Lists & Planners

Keep track of all of the meetings, projects, clients and all of the important tasks you have to do using lists, calendars or some type of planner. Use your smart devices to synchronize these activities and set reminders so that nothing gets lost or forgotten.

Tools that operate on multiple devices can help you prioritize your schedule and not leave anything out. See how much your productivity has increased after organizing your office by the number of tasks that have been scratched off your to do list!

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