How to Work With a Boss that You Hate

March 21st 2013 | Small Business Tips

This is a problem almost everyone in the workforce has faced. Waking up each day and preparing yourself to come face to face with someone that makes your life miserable can really beat you down. But it doesn’t have to be like this, here are solutions to alleviate your daily pain and help you rethink your situation.


Self Perspective

Look on the bright side (ugh), you can gain a lot of insight into who you are by examining your relationship to your nemesis. What is it exactly about your boss that annoys you, and what does that say about you? How much of the problem is his personality, and how much of it is yours? Carefully examining the situation and pinpointing the problem will aid you in discovering if it’s something that you can live with (being the exemplary tolerant employee that you are), or is it a slap in the face to your value system?

How to Work With a Boss that You Hate


Talk It Out

Schedule a meeting with your boss to discuss or clarify a preferred method of working together. Try to get crystal clear on how s/he wants things done and what is expected of you. Also state your expectations and limits and offer simple alternatives to his jerky behavior without him realizing what you are doing. These types of managers are not usually thinking about how to make your life easier, but there is nothing wrong with trying to give them some pointers in exchange for or under the guise of trying to make things “run more efficiently”.

How to Work With a Boss that You Hate


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Chances are that your boss does a variety of small things to annoy you in a way that seems catastrophically terrible. S/he may have a way of speaking to you that grates on your nerves like a crying baby on an airplane. Or s/he may never give you credit or be really cheap, or a combo of everything. But these are small things you can handle, they’re part of life and a part of mixing with the human race. You just can’t avoid encountering differing personality traits, so you might as well not sweat it.

How to Work With a Boss that You Hate


Do Sweat the Big Stuff

If you’ve genuinely attempted smothering your boss with kindness and productivity, but can’t seem to get a break; if you’ve been passed up for a promotion and not received a raise for the past years for reasons that escape you;  if you are continuously suffering from any form of discrimination or mistreatment …read on.

How to Work With a Boss that You Hate


Keep a Log of Your Interactions

This is so useful. Writing down all of your interactions with said boss is necessary if you want to report the situation to higher ups or take legal action. Also, you can begin to notice patterns in your boss’ behavior and figure out what sets them off or what subjects are sensitive between the two of you. Writing it all down will also serve to make you feel better – a release. Just make sure you hide your log well. You don’t want this to get to the wrong hands!

How to Work With a Boss that You Hate


Saying Sayonara!

Remember, in general, this is not what you want. Jumping from job to job doesn’t look good on your CV and there is no promise of any job having a better boss. But if you do decide to quit, make sure to leave on good terms and try to find out what your new boss is REALLY like during any interviews for a new place of employment.

How to Work With a Boss that You Hate

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