How to Make Money with Wix’s Business Opportunities

March 13th 2013 | New Features

Whether you are a web designer or a site owner, Wix offers amazing opportunities to help you grow your business. Our Reseller and Affiliate programs are designed to put extra dollars in your pocket, while doing what you already do!

Check out how you can earn extra with each of these programs:

How to Make Money with Wix Reseller and Affiliate Programs


Wix Reseller Program

The Reseller program enables web designers who work on the Wix website builder to earn revenue from Premium websites they build. In addition to the income you earn from your client, you will also be seeing extra revenue as commission from Wix.

How does it work?
Easily. You create a Wix Premium website for your client, let us know about it, and collect the commission for your work!

A Premium site has a bunch of special features that a free Wix site does not have, such as a personal domain name and favicon, additional bandwidth, a shopping cart and more. Premium plans come at very affordable prices that include a yearly or a monthly plan. For your client, it’s a well worth investment which will definitely pay off.

I’m ready, how do we get started?
Apply here and let us know you’d like to join; we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Make Money with Wix Reseller and Affiliate Programs


Wix Affiliate Program

The Wix affiliate program enables you to earn a commission for each referral you bring that signs up for a Wix Premium plan. If you already have a website, this program is a great option for increasing your income. Simply place a banner on your site or blog that refers visitors to Wix. For each site that signs up for Premium, you receive cash from us.

How does it work?

1. We provide you with a unique link that enables us to follow up on each site you refer.
2. You place beautiful Wix banners on your websites and blog. We’ll provide you with those as well.
3. For every new user that clicks on your unique link and proceeds to buy a Premium site, you get a commission from us.

There’s no cap on the number of referrals you can bring. In fact, some of our affiliates earn literally thousands of dollars per month from Premium site referrals.

To register, click to go to our Affiliate Program page.

How to Make Money with Wix Reseller and Affiliate Programs


Read Feedback and Tips from Wix Affiliates!

Dainis Grāveris, Founder of 1st Web Designer

“Wix is high quality product and with HTML5 website introduction, I believe they are just getting stronger and stronger. For affiliates those are obviously good news because of high conversions.”

Tips for affiliates getting started with Wix:
“Include Wix on top of your articles, if you have a blog. Always focus on visitors – even if you promote something, don’t promote anything just for hopes of earning affiliate commission. Be genuine in your advice, don’t try to sell, but instead be honest – that’s the only way you will make it work really well.”

How to Make Money with Wix Reseller and Affiliate Programs


Iggy Kay, owner of  WebDesignDev:

“Wix has been a pleasure to work with. The account managers do their best to help you maximize earnings and are always there to help.”

Tips for affiliates getting started with Wix:
“Be creative. Standard banners may not always work, so look for creative ways to offer Wix to your readers.”

How to Make Money with Wix Reseller and Affiliate Programs


Jason Keeley, owner of Easy Website Builders:

“It’s been a real joy working with Wix. I have the name and contact information for the affiliate manager and email him whenever I have a question. He always responds quickly. Some affiliate managers for other companies seem to have a negative impression of affiliates. Not so with Wix. I feel like a real partner of the company, not just an affiliate. Additionally, Wix offers higher payouts than their competitors and they really value their affiliates.”

Tips for affiliates getting started with Wix:
“You must find a way to provide value. You’ll be paid in direct proportion to how much you help people accomplish something.”

Kamen Dimitrov, the owner of Themes Base

“The guys from Wix are pretty solid, the support has been great and and responsive. ”

Tips for affiliates getting started with Wix:
“Just start sending some traffic and see the sales flying! We started with a single banner on our website and then decided to push more traffic, as the conversions were going up.”


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