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Art & Photography \ MAR 6th 2013

7 Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Photography and online promotion go hand in hand really well. Photography businesses find it easy to communicate with target audiences online and are not considered “spammy”, because they produce quality content. Every internet user enjoys good photographs and would gladly share works that they liked via email or Facebook.

So how can you tap in on all the great opportunities the web has to offer to photographers?
Here’s a list you should memorize:

Create a Stunning Online Portfolio

Photographers need a strong online platform to showcase their work on. Creating an online portfolio is an absolute must for any photographer that thinks seriously about their biz. Basically, what you need is a website that showcases your prime works, details your services and offers convenient contact options.

Wix offers dozens of photography templates to make this process simple and fun. These templates were especially designed to bring the best out of your photographs. Check out these online portfolio examples and you will be able to set up your dream portfolio in no time!

Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Choose a template and create your stunning website

Shoot with Instagram

Some professional photographers have mixed feelings towards Instagram. True, people who use this app suddenly see themselves as the next Annie Leibovitz while disregarding the important skills and experience that photography really requires. Still, Instagram is an important tool that connects a mass audience with original photography works, and that’s why you shouldn’t brush it off.

Photographers who use Instagram can easily integrate the photo feed with their websites and their social channels, leveraging this mobile app to simultaneously post new content on various platforms.

Besides, it’s really fun to use :)

Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Samantha Smith Photo – Integrated Instagram feed on a Wix website

Go on Local Listing Websites

It’s important to use local platforms to promote your services or your studio. Directories and listing websites, especially those that allow people to write comments and add ratings, play a big role in the search process for professional photographers. Nationwide websites like Yelp, Foursquare,  Insider Pages or Judy’s Book are a good place to start. You should also get familiar with websites that cater to your local community and make sure you get listed on them as well.

Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Google My Business

Create an Email Signature

How many emails do you send everyday? Did you ever think you can use these emails as an opportunity to gain more clicks? It’s simple, you just need to set a signature that will include a link to your website, your business Facebook page or any promotion platform that you want.

On business correspondences, this will not only generate more traffic but also increase your reliability as a professional. Of course, you can also include your phone number or studio address to this email signature. Just try not to add any redundant information that takes up too much space.


Become a Mentor

Not many photographers realize that they can promote not only their photography works, but also their knowledge and experience. The web offers photographers so many options to share beginners’ photography tips, and this is a fabulous way to establish yourself as a professional authority in your field.

You can do this in various forms, like setting up a Twitter account and share a quick tip once a day, or do a video blog on YouTube showing visual how-tos. You can even start an online course on Skillshare – for free or for a small fee.

Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Skill Share

Post Your Photos on 500PX

If you’re not familiar with 500PX yet, now is the time to check it out. This photography community offers a great network to share works, engage with pro or amateur photography buffs and exchange ideas.

Their mobile apps are making it easier to communicate and gather followers on the go. They have active accounts on social networks, where they showcase photography works shared by users, so if you post good photos you have a chance to get featured.

Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online


Wix Stories

Your portfolio rocks, so why not help us help you? Share your testimonial with Wix and we will feature your website and your story on Wix Stories and on our very own social channels. You can have a cool video testimonial like this one of photo-journalist, Joshua Thaisen.

Free Ways to Promote Your Photography Business Online

Wix Stories

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