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Photography Tips \ FEB 4th 2013

Awesome Pet Photography DIY Guides

Nothing is more adorable or more satisfying than taking a great photo of your pet. It’s the kind of image we love to have on the fridge, as a mobile wallpaper or as a Facebook cover photo. It’s simple math – a cute pet pic equals lots of likes and shares and “awwwww”s.

But pets are challenging subjects to photograph. They have no clue what we’re trying to accomplish when we try to get them into position while pointing that weird device in their faces. All they need to do is act “natural”; be their cute, darling selves… at the perfect timing. Yet they don’t always seem to get that.

Luckily, many photographers out there have published helpful DIY tips for pet photography. Feast your eyes on beautiful photos and check out the useful guides below.

  • Elsie Larson from A Beautiful Mess gives awesome, fun tips on how to get super cute shots of your dog. From treats to props, her words of advice are accompanied by gorgeous photos.

Incredible Pet Photography DIY

  • Dogster’s DIY provides ideas on how to set up the background for your photo shoot and on using challenges you know your dog can’t resist.

Incredible Pet Photography DIY

Centeville Patch presents beautiful and elegant pet photos by Robin Burkett, a professional photographer.

How to Manage a Pet Photo Shoot

Sarah Sypniewski, co-author of Dog Photography for Dummies recommends using environments that have good natural light and are familiar to your dog. Read up on some essential pointers on The Bark.

Incredible Pet Photography DIY

Ever wonder how to make your dog tilt his head in that adorable way,  just in time for the photo? Read it on MCP Actions.

Incredible Pet Photography DIY

Dive into an inspiring collection of dog and cat photos with some enchanting close-ups on Digital Photography School.

Incredible Pet Photography DIY



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