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6 Must Have Apps for Your Desktop

Believe it or not, desktop tools are still relevant. True, the popularity of excellent web apps is making downloading look old-fashioned. However, some tools are simply irreplaceable (as of yet). These are the kind of tools that seriously uplift your desktop experience and offer enhanced capabilities. They become an inseparate part of the computer and provide an array of perks, from greater productivity to sheer joy. We’ve gathered a selection of six such recommended apps for your desktop.


LastPass keeps track of your user ID’s, passwords, and other settings, and offers them to you with a click. Their slogan – “The last password you’ll ever have to remember” – holds true. After you download and install this tool, LastPass encrypts all your passwords and then stores them in the cloud. It’s safe since all the encrypting and decryption is done on your PC, using a master password that you have to provide. This is meant to be the one and only password you ever need to remember.

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Mozy is a service that enables you to back up data via the Internet to an off-site server. To put it simply, Mozy rocks. After you install the software, you will never have to think about backing up your computer again. Mozy will periodically save your files and store them in that bit of cloud space designated just for you. If you are looking to keep your documents safe, a free account will provide you with 2 GB of secure online backup. Anything requiring more than this, like securing your music or video collections, is available for affordable prices.

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TweetDeck is a Twitter client designed to fit your social networking needs. If you are running Twitter and Facebook accounts for your business, TweetDeck can really help to simplify the daily activity. Rather than opening a browser page for each social network profile, you can view and interact with your contacts on a single page. You can also schedule posting times and send direct messages across Twitter. All incoming information – Retweets, Facebook updates, Twitter mentions and more –   are organized into different columns, each labeled as a separate category. You can basically run all your Twitter and Facebook activity without ever leaving TweetDeck.

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Spotify is an awesome music desktop application that completely transforms your listening experience. It has a sleek interface that makes it easy for any user to browse through a huge library of musical pleasure and find exactly what they want. Spotify’s app has a little search box at the top of the screen that lets you search for popular artist, song, or album and stream it immediately. No experience is complete if you can’t share it, which is why Facebook and Twitter integration enables you to easily tell your friends what musical wonders you’ve discovered. Currently, Spotify is available in select countries only, but we hope and pray it will extend its offering in the near future.

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VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is like a magic wand that can make practically any format of media file play. If your standard media player can’t open the file, chances are VLC will play it with no problem. An open source cross-platform multimedia player, it can also handle Internet radio and TV.  There are endless controls, tweaks and effects like brightness, contrast, saturation, playback speed, audio lag compensation and much more. So generally, if you’re a user of simple needs, VLC will provide you everything in a clean and intuitive interface, while more savvy users can enjoy a nice laboratory of options to play with.

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PicPick gives you a handy set of tools that can tackle many small yet important design-related tasks, without the hassle of opening a full-scale design program. It’s suitable for a large range of users, from designers to developers to home-users that need a little bit of image-refinement. PicPick is an all-in-one program with a full-featured screen capture tool, intuitive image editor, color picker, color palette, pixel ruler, protractor and more – all under the same easy-to-access roof.

Desktop Apps

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