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New Features \ FEB 26th 2013

The App Economy: What’s in It for Developers? (Infographic)

Within the glorious tech industry, a new type of profession is becoming more and more prominent – the app developer. The huge growth of mobile platforms and app-supported websites is creating exciting career opportunities for developers. Be it games, productivity or small business tools, the public is thirsty for apps and the market is thriving. But what are the actual numbers behind the app economy? How much money can app developers expect to make? And which platforms are the most profitable?

The following infographic will answer these questions and provide valuable data on the app economy. It includes statistical information about all major app platforms, including Apple’s App Store, Facebook’s App Center, Google Play and Google Chrome.

It also reveals interesting details about the Wix App Market – the new player in town. If you’re an avid app developer, you should definitely check out the Wix Dev Center and start creating your own app for the Wix App Market. Read the infographic below and you’ll see why.

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The App Economy Infographic

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