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Design Inspiration \ FEB 19th 2013

A Shot of Inspiration: Great Logo Design

Designing a logo is one of the most important stages in setting up a business. The logo is the basis of the company’s branding strategy. It should epitomize everything you want people to think about your brand in a simple and captivating way. A good logo is a logo that reflects the spirit of the brand, so that people who first see the logo will already be able to know what the brand is about. A brilliant logo manages to do exactly that in a clever and unique visual language.

To give you an idea on what makes a successful logo design, we present here three groups of logos that made it. The first consists of logos by big brands that you’re probably familiar with. The second group is less known, but consists of companies that have excellent logos you can learn from. Finally, we present awesome logos found on beautiful Wix websites. These last examples show exactly how crucial a great logo can be for the entire website design.

Inspiring Logos

Famous Logos

These logos have stared at you from billboards, ads and magazines so often, you may not have noticed how genius they are. The first one is one of the cutest logos of the tech industry – Andy the Android robot. This logo clearly addresses a nerdy community, but from a fun-loving perspective. In other words, it visualizes the trend of “geek is cool” and displays Android products as clever but playful.

Volkswagen is a different type of logo. It not only encapsulates the VW trademark in a typographically brilliant way, it successfully sends a message of strength and firmness – both desirable characteristics of automobiles – but also of constant movement forward, utilizing the V&W arrow-like structure.

The Wii logo has managed to overcome a pretty big challenge for any gaming brand – to convey the spirit of games without being silly. It’s sleek and techy yet not cold or distant. And most importantly, it manages to reflect the brand with no extra visual material other than the company’s name. It’s brilliant!

Target‘s logo says it all – whatever you’re aiming for, we have it. The red shade grabs the viewer’s immediate attention and the whole design is extremely simple, so you can take it all in at just one glance.

The Chupa Chups logo has quite a history. It was actually designed by Salvador Dali in 1969, and it’s so effective that it experienced only minor modifications throughout the years. This logo is especially great when you consider the prominent placing it has on each and every lollipop. It literally is inseparable from the product.


Inspiring Logos


Inspiring Logos


Inspiring Logos


Inspiring Logos


Inspiring Logos

Chupa Chups


Great Yet Less-Known Logo Designs

The best thing about these logos is that you can already take a guess at the essence of the companies just by looking at them. The WRC logo is a great example of that. The World Rally Championship is an event that involves a lot of speed and a lot of turmoil. As the logo traces the driving course of the cars, we can actually hear the wheels squeaking.

Freedom is a UK-based travel group that addresses travel agents and companies. Their branding emphasizes the freedom their group offers for businesses in the traveling industry, and their logo does amazing work at depicting that. What can be more free than a flying bird?

toadprints logo is a wonderful example of creative logo design that manages to say a lot with little. It acts as proof that this online-based printing service knows its way around visuals. Great color scheme, simple technique, clever message – success!


Inspiring Logos


Inspiring Logos


Inspiring Logos



Wix Websites Logos

Small business owners that use Wix to create a website also understand the value of great logo design. We can see different approaches to logo design depending on the website’s theme.

Luova Decor, for instance, use a classy and clean style that matches their interior design philosophy.

MMind from Sweden offers various IT services. Their logo sends the right message of sophistication in a simple package.

Bee-Nut-Butter Bliss went for a completely different message and did it great. Their product combines honey and peanut butter, so their logo symbolizes this union in a cute and cheerful manner.

Kylie and Friends promotes art that is dedicated to pets. Their service is filled with love and care, and they were able to convey these emotions in their logo as well.

And last but not least, Franklyn Lane, a company that provides premium video services for brands, created a logo that combines vintage aesthetics with a trendy chic, using the round badge shape as a quality stamp.

 Inspiring Logos

Luova Decor

Inspiring Logos


Inspiring Logos

 Bee Nut Butter 

Inspiring Logos

Kylie and Friends  

Inspiring Logos

Franklyn Lane

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