Top 5 Wix Apps for Music Websites

February 27th 2013 | Designing with Wix

Musicians want to get their music out there, promote it to a large audience and expose as many people as possible to their sound. Creating a professional music website is an absolute must on the path to achieving this goal.

It’s difficult to talk about “music websites” in general, because obviously a heavy metal band and a classical oboe soloist will have totally different ideas about how their sites should look like. Still, when the main attraction of the website is music, there are tools that any musician can use and you can find those tools right on Wix.

The following apps from the Wix App Market can help amplify music websites of all styles and kinds. Have a look, give them a try and put the volume on:

SoundCloud Playlist

Top 5 Wix Apps for Music Websites

SoundCloud is truly an amazing online friend for musicians. You can easily host your songs and tracks with them and later embed your music on other platforms. The SoundCloud app for Wix websites works in a similar way. After you upload your tunes to your SoundCloud account, you just need to add the app to your Wix site and connect to SoundCloud. You will then immediately get your playlist on the page, and you can start customizing the design to fit the overall looks of your website.

Getonic POPshop

Top 5 Wix Apps for Music Websites

The POPshop app allows you to add an online shop, so you can actually sell your tracks directly on your website and have fans download it on the spot. The layouts you work with are stunning, and you have many options to personalize the design. Getonic POPshops are extremely social-friendly and were built to maximize social engagement with products – in this case, with the music. You’re not only making sales, you’re also increasing your reach to new audiences.

Google Event Calendar

Top 5 Wix Apps for Music Websites

Let’s not forget about concerts and live events. With the Google Event Calendar app, you can display your schedule in a neat and organized way. It’s very simple to set up – you just need to make sure that you have a Google Calendar that is devoted only to your music. Make things easier for your fans by including a link to the venue, the ticket agency or to a Google Map. And of course, the design is customizable so feel free to go wild.

News List

Top 5 Wix Apps for Music Websites

Active musicians usually find that adding a News section to their websites is very helpful. It’s a great way to update site visitors on upcoming events, press coverage and other interesting happenings. News List is an excellent app for posting news bits on your website. You can choose different layouts, easily edit the texts and place the app on a single News page or directly on your Homepage. If you choose to use this app, make sure that you do take the time to update your News section often. Visitors are more likely to engage with your website if they see that it’s active.


Top 5 Wix Apps for Music Websites

Video is an important media format for musicians. Official music videos, recording sessions, live gigs, interviews – that’s quality content that makes music websites more interesting and more professional. If you have several videos you wish to share on your site, TubePress is the perfect solution for your video needs. It creates a gallery display of your videos that includes the main player and thumbnails of the different clips. It looks and works way better than embedding several YouTube players on the same page.


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