A Reason to :) ? Facebook Adds Emoticons to Comments

December 6th 2012 | Now Trending

Does life seem more colorful and vivid to you in the last couple of months? Maybe, just maybe, this has something to do with the fact that Facebook finally added the option to use emoticons in comments. Many users are overjoyed with this latest development, as Facebook catches up with one of the most basic features an online communication tool should offer.

The internet community is actually torn over the issue of emoticons. Fans see it as a fun way of expression, while those who oppose emoticons really seem to exprience an allergic reaction to them. Regardless of where you stand, learning the emoticon language is a smart thing to do. Have a look at this table, take notes and start practicing:

Facebook Adds Emoticons to Comments

Facebook Adds Emoticons to Comments – Facebook Smileys

And here’s what it looks like:

Facebook Adds Emoticons to Comments


Not bad, huh? Even hardcore emoticon snobs have to admit that the pig is pretty cute.


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