Tweet Your Fantasy App to @Wix & WIN an iPhone5!​

October 24th 2012 | Now Trending


Tweet Your Fantasy App to @Wix & WIN an iPhone5!

Ever find yourself thinking of ideas for web apps? Share them with Wix and win an iPhone5!
We just launched a super exciting Twitter contest. We’re asking you to tweet your ideas for fantasy apps that can make life a lot more fun.

Come up with a genius, hilarious or looney app, fill in the blank on this tweet and fire away:

Yo @Wix! I wish there was an app that ______________________ #WixAppMarket


Funniest, most outrageous and original tweet wins an iPhone5!

What’s the occasion?

We’re just thrilled about the new Wix App Market – our most recent feature that offers Wix users tons of awesome apps to integrate to their Wix sites. The apps on the Wix App Market are useful and effective, and can dramatically improve the user experience on your website. But what we’re looking for in this contest is different. We want to hear your ideas for insane out-of-this-world apps! 

Some Samples to get you started:

  • “Yo @Wix! I wish there was an app that could tell me what my girlfriend is angry about #WixAppMarket”
  • “Yo @Wix! I wish there was an app that made every food taste like double fudge brownies #WixAppMarket”
  • “Yo @Wix! I wish there was an app that could let me leave the Matrix whenever I wanted #WixAppMarket”

Get the idea? Good, let’s start playing.

How To Enter

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Follow @Wix on Twitter.
  2. Fill the blank and tweet the following: “Yo @Wix! I wish there was an app that ______________________ #WixAppMarket”
  3. You can tweet as many app ideas as you want!

The contest ends exactly on Oct. 31st 2012, at 11:59:59 PM EST. Soon afterwards, we will announce the magnificent app idea that won an iPhone5.

It can be you, so start tweeting!



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