Unique Brazilian Phone booth

Fun and Unique Phone Booth Designs

October 12th 2012 | Design Inspiration
Creative and beautiful phone booths that make urban space so much cooler

10 Amazing Photography DIY’s to Help you Cut Costs

October 11th 2012 | Now Trending
Improve your photography without spending a fortune on gear - Go DIY and get better shots for less money!...

HTML5 Tips: Improve Your Website’s SEO

October 10th 2012 | Designing with Wix
Get your HTML5 website to stand out with easily customized SEO settings
Magician with a rabbit

13 Facebook Tricks You Probably Never Heard Of

October 9th 2012 | Now Trending
How well do you know Facebook? Become a savvy user with these fun and useful tips & tricks
Facebook chairs ad

Facebook’s New Ad: It’s Parody Time

October 6th 2012 | Now Trending
So Facebook is actually furniture? The first ad released by the social network raises a few eyebrows, as well...

New Beautiful HTML5 Templates

October 4th 2012 | Designing with Wix
A set of amazing new HTML5 templates are now waiting on Wix.com. Want to take them for a test...

7 Tips for Using Instagram like a Pro

October 3rd 2012 | Now Trending
Learn how to master Instagram and go from amateur to pro
Small Biz Tools Behaving Badly

A Timeline of Small Business Tools Gone Bad [Infographic]

October 2nd 2012 | Now Trending
From cave painting to the Facebook wall, humanity always relied on technology....

Showcase: Amazing Music Websites

October 1st 2012 | Designing with Wix
These beautiful Wix websites will please your eyes and ears. Turn on the volume!
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