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Halloween 2012, DIY Style!

Don’t have a costume for Halloween? No worries! You can still make it to your Halloween party or Trick or Treat round with a great DIY costume that will have everyone point at you and shout: “Look at that awesome costume!”

All you need is a good idea and some craftsmanship, and we’re about to help you with both. Below you will find a list of super cool DIY costume ideas, including a detailed guide on how to make them from A to Z. Making your own costume is really not that big of a deal and can actually be a lot of fun, even if you were blessed with two left hands.

Have a spooky Halloween everyone!

Family Fun: Goldilocks & The Three Bears Costume


Image Source: A Beautiful Mess


For the Playful Couple: Tooth + Tooth Fairy

Tooth + Tooth Fairy Costume

Image Source: Julie Ann Art


Terrance and Phillip

Terrence and Phillip

Image Source: Breath me in


Costume with a Statement: Banksy’s Flower Thrower

DIY Halloween Costumes

Image Source: Makezine.com


Little Toy Soldier

Toy Army Guy

Image Source: Wild Ink Press


Sharks Going after Surfer Dad

Surfer Vs. shurks

Image Source: The Fickle Pickle


Cutest Chicken Ever!

Chicken Costume

Image Source: Martha Stewart


Overgrown Alice in Wonderland

DIY Alice in wonderland

Image Source: Misha Lulu


Dragon with Fire Special Effects

Fire breathing dragon costume

Image Source: Spoonful


Super Easy Magneto Costume

Magneto Halloween Costume

Image Source: Kim Gisler Via Pinterest


Parent & Toddler as Thief and Money Bag

A million dollar baby

Image Source: The fun free or cheap queen


Creepy Crawlers Leg Accessories

Lady bug

Image Source: Shaeleen Gilson


Dress Up, Color a Carton Box & You Have Barbie & Ken

Ken and Barbie Couples Costumes

Image Source: CostumeWorks


Yip-Yips Costume Made Easy

Yip-Yips costume

Image Source: Martha Stewart


Toy Story Family – Everyone has a Role!

Toy Story 3

Image Source: Welcome to the crazy kingdom


Carebears Get Together

Care bear Costumes

Image Source: See Vanessa Craft


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