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Facebook’s New Ad: It’s Parody Time

If you spent a single minute on the internet recently, you’ve heard about Facebook’s chair ad. Regardless of its content, the first ad ever to be released by Facebook was bound to make a lot of buzz, but judging by the reactions that are currently spreading across the web, it’s a different kind of buzz than the one Mark Zuckerberg had hoped for.

The ad, drawing an unexpected comparison between the world’s largest social network and chairs, caused quite a bit of confusion and immediately sparked a line of parodies that poke fun at the furniture-fetish.

Some of these parodies are hilarious, some not as much. But if you think about it, these reactions are giving Facebook the viral treatment that it helped to create. In a Facebook-less universe, would Gangnam Style become what it did? How about Kate Middleton memes? The viral Hall of Fame is filled with such examples, and Facebook – usually acting as a distributor of such virals – is now joining them.

Here’s what it looks like:

Original Ad:


Mashable’s Parody:

Funny or Die’s Toilet Parody:

“Things that Connect Us” Parody:

“Pale Blue Facebook” by The Verge:

And of course, a Tumblr blog is already producing memes for the public to enjoy:

Facebook ad meme

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