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6 Ways for Viewing Instagram Beautifully on the Web‬

Instagram changed the way people take photos. It’s also one of the best things about having a Smartphone. This mobile service is so so popular that it’s really hard to believe that their full website allows only limited access to pics. Luckily, Instagram’s API (“application programming interface”) allows programmers to create awesome web viewers that display all pics, tags, comments, likes and locations from Instagram itself.

If you’re hooked on Instagram and are dying for a decent way to view pics online, check out these six recommendations and choose the Instagram viewer you like the most. Or all of them!

1. Web.stagram

Web.stagram allows you not only to view your pics and your friends’ pics, but also search for tags or usernames. Also, you have a stream of most popular Instagram pics and a daily Photo of the Day winner, picked by Web.stagram editors.

 6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ - web.stagram

2. Pingram.me

An awesome mashup between Instagram and Pinterest. This viewer takes your Instagram pics and displays them in a Pinterest-like layout. The result – hipster heaven.

6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ - Pingram.me

3. Statigr.am

Aside from the wonderful photo-viewer that Statigram offers, this app also lets you keep track of your Instagram stats. It’s a great way for “business” users to measure success and engagement, but also for everyday users to stay updated on their data.

 6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ - Statigr.am

4. Extragr.am

View your feed on this fun and pretty interface. A very nice feature on Extragr.am is the Discover option, which helps you find great Instagram pics according to tags and categories. If your Instagram account is something special, you might even get chosen for Featured User.

 6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ - Extragr.am

5. Webbygram

A minimalist web viewer with a classic and simple scrolling display. If you simply want an easy way to view your stream online – this app will do the job just fine.

 6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ - Webbygram

6. Copygr.am

What if the world ends tomorrow and there’s no way future civilizations can enjoy your Instagram pics? Thank goodness Copygr.am lets you back up your photos! Also, a beta program they’re currently working on will allow Instagram photographers to order printed versions of their photos. Make some space on your living room walls!

 6 Cool Ways of Viewing Instagram on the Web‬ - Copygr.am



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