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Beautiful Picnic Inspirations for Labor Day

Labor Day is just around the corner, and with the weather looking fine and a long weekend ahead – what could be better than planning a picnic? If you want to hold the picnic of a lifetime and leave an unforgettable impression, we have some inspirational material lined up for you. Forget the plastic plates and overused Tupperware. Check out these picnic pics below and get new ideas for your outdoor feast. Make a little effort and you’ll have 10 times more fun!

Fruit Popsicles

Image Source: La Maison d’Anna G.


Image Source: What Katie ate

lying on a picnic blanket

Image Source: The Little Red House


Image Source: You + Me

Picnic basket on the beach

Image Source: Johner

Pizza Picnic

Image Source: Melanie Nordstrom

1970s picnic fashions; photo from September 1976 issue of Scientific American

Image Source: September 1976 issue of Scientific American

Blueberry Cabernet Cheesecake

Image Source: Endless Simmer

 southern picnic party

Image Source: You + Me

A Vintage Picnic With Please Sir
Image Source: The Etsy Blog
Un picnic con i bambini

Image Source: Donna Moderna

glasses with straws

Image Source: You + Me

picnic on a boat

Image Source: Alpine picnic, circa 1950s

picnic pie and fruits

Image Source: A Beautiful Mess


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