How to Improve Your Website's Conversion

How to Improve Your Website’s Conversion

July 12th 2012 | Promote Your Site
Learn how to increase your online business' conversion rates with a few simple steps

The Authentic Infographic History of HTML5

July 11th 2012 | HTML5
Ever wondered how HTML5 came to be the hot industry buzzword it is today? Welcome to the time tunnel...
Beautiful Food Websites Created with Wix

Showcase of 10 Delicious HTML5 Food Websites

July 10th 2012 | Designing with Wix
Hungry for some good web design? Check out these beautiful food-related websites, designed with Wix' HTML5 website builder
HTML5 Vs. Flash

New Infographic: HTML5 Vs. Flash

July 5th 2012 | Designing with Wix
Which better - Flash or HTML5? How about both! Wix is the only website builder that gives you to...
Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Website

Why Your Restaurant Must Have a Website

July 4th 2012 | Designing with Wix
Your food or drinks business deserves the strongest online presence it can get. Here's how to do it
Wix on Twitter

Best Wix Moments on Twitter

July 2nd 2012 | Now Trending
With 50,000 Twitter followers, we decided to share some great memories from one of our favorite social platforms. Tweet...
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