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Facebook Cover Photos That Make You Go Hmmm

We love Facebook cover photos because they are a great medium for self expression. Everyone can choose how they set up their cover photo and what they want to convey on it, and the interplay between the main image and the profile pic leaves so much room for creativity. It has become somewhat of a hobby of the Wix team to go through Facebook pages in search of awesome and unique cover photos. Here are some highlights that we came across.

BTW, our search hasn’t ended yet! If you have a beautiful cover photo to share, be a pal and drop us the link in the comments :)

Khing Choy

Khing Choy facebook cover photo

Dusty Buell

Dusty Buell facebook cover photo

Graziano Vincini

Graziano Vincini facebook cover photo

Myriam Heneine

Myriam Heneine facebook cover photo

Staffan Kolhammar

Staffan Kolhammar facebook cover photo

Rafa Ferro

Rafa Ferro facebook cover photo

Gail David

Gail David facebook cover photo

Piotr Loj (Lojke)

Piotr Loj facebook cover photo

Mouaad Terkhani

Mouaad Terkhani facebook cover photo

Gabriel Fort

Gabriel Fort facebook cover photo

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