baby swimming under water

Meet the Wix Babies

May 10th 2012 | New Features
Want to see the real faces behind Wix? Meet the company's youngest inspiration source - our employees' babies!
Beautiful Facebook Cover Photos for Brands

Beautiful Facebook Cover Photos for Brands

May 9th 2012 | Now Trending
Get inspired by these gorgeous Facebook cover photos, designed for the world's biggest companies, celebs and trends

Wix HTML5 Product Drops Support for IE8

May 8th 2012 | Wix News
We want to give you the best of what HTML5 has to offer, and that's why we're dropping IE8...

Free Photo Editing Tools for the Less Photoshop Savvy

May 7th 2012 | Photography Tips
Too scared of Photoshop? These free and user-friendly online tools will help you edit photos like a Pro!

How to Take Great Photos With Your Smartphone

May 3rd 2012 | Now Trending
Make the most out of your smartphone photos by following our great "From Joe to Pro" guide

3 Great Reasons to List Prices on your Website

May 1st 2012 | Promote Your Site
Learn why listing prices on your website can actually win you more clients
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