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May 17th 2012 | Promote Your Site

A few weeks ago, Facebook officially applied the new Timeline feature on all Fan Pages. Brands, businesses and organizations had to quickly adapt to the new looks and the new logic behind Timeline.

As a result, Wix Pages for Facebook also went through a remodeling process. The goal was to readjust Wix Pages to Timeline and make sure that they remain the best option for Fan Page customization. Now that this process is completed, we’d like to show you how to optimize your Wix Page to work best with Timeline.

Why is it important? Facebook Timeline opens new possibilities for brands to engage with their fans on the world’s most successful social network. Understanding the features that Timeline offers, and combining them with a beautiful Wix Page design, is a sure step towards improving your business’ strength in the social media zone.

Let’s see how you can make your Timeline and your Wix Page work together and create an impact.


The New Layout

New Layout Size

New Layout Size

With the new page design, you can make your Wix Page much wider and more impressive. You have more space for images and content on the page. Also, you can fit more important information that will be viewable without scrolling.

If you already have a Wix Page for Facebook and you’d like to readjust to the new width, simply go to your page’s Settings > Appearance, and manually change the page width to 810 pixels (instead of 520).

If you’re creating a new Wix Page, you can simply choose one of the templates, that have all been adapted to the new page width.


Favorites Section

Favorites replaced what used to be called “tabs”. If in the old Facbeook your Wix Page was one of several tabs, now it appears under the Favorites section (right beneath the Cover Photo, to the right).

To make the Wix Page button on your Favorites section sexier, we recommend that you customize the default image and title. Here’s how you do this:

  • Make sure you’re logged in as the page administrator
  • Go to your Fan Page. On the right end of the Favorites, click on the arrow button. The section will then expand
  • Roll over the Wix Page button and click on the Edit icon on the top right
click on the Edit icon on the top right

Click on the Edit icon on the top right

  • You can now choose to move the Wix Page forward by swapping positions with other apps
  • Click Edit Settings and change the Custom Tab Image and Custom Tab Name according to your needs
Click Edit Settings and change the Custom Tab Image and Custom Tab Name according to your needs

Click Edit Settings and change the Custom Tab Image and Custom Tab Names

  • Use an image that looks good in small proportions and avoid images with many details. Best choose your company logo or photo of a popular product or service.
  • Choose a name that will give visitors a reason to click (“Company Secrets”, “Get Involved!”, “Hottest Products”…). The name of your brand already appears on the Fan Page itself, so no need to repeat it.
  • Make sure the button is located amongst the top four, so that it is always visible.


Posts, Stars & Pins

You can promote your Wix Page within the content of your Timeline. Make sure you include the direct link to your Wix Page on a regular basis (but not in each post, of course).

You should also make use of the new features that Timeline offers. For instance, you can upload a post about your Wix Page and pin it to the top of your Timeline. This post will stay at the top for seven days and get increased exposure.

Pinned post example

Pinned post

Another option is to star a post about the Wix Page, which makes it expand to the width of the entire page. These highlighted posts cannot be pinned to the top, but thanks to their size they stand out and attract more views.


Facebook Starred Post

Starred Post



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