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Art & Photography \ APR 12th 2012

Latest and Craziest Photo Memes

Ever since people learned to Share, Fwd and Retweet, viral internet trends have become a major part of our lives. Photo memes are amongst the most successful trends, because they give everyone the opportunity to recreate the trend and add a personal touch.

A while ago, we showed you some of the hottest photo trends on the web. A few new trends have popped up and spread in the meantime, and we want you to stay updated. So here’s a second overview of the funniest and most viral photo memes.


Leisure Dive

The Leisure Dive is all about chilling out. If you want to perform a Leisure Dive, all you need to do is jump into water in a relaxed pose, preferably while holding a drink, wearing a suit, playing golf or doing something casual. A great addition to your pose would be a classy expression that says: “I’m totally in control and I’m loving every minute”.


Image Source: LeisureDive.com

Casually Pepper-Spray Everything

Born from the public outrage surrounding the UC Davis officers who pepper-sprayed demonstrating students, the “Casually Pepper-Spraying Everything” photo trend is a combination of internet humor and protest.

The point is to locate the spraying cop in funny circumstances, for instance in bed with John and Yoko or in the Super Mario universe. Most of the images are photoshopped, but a few creative viral gurus have actually reconstructed the image as a photo with Lego people.


Casually Pepper-Spray Everything - moon

Image Source: knowyourmeme.com


This photo meme was actually a part of a creative campaign by Shick. The idea is to add a hand holding a razor to a photo in a way that combines with the other elements. The razor might cut a patch of grass, paint a building or shave an animal’s back. Thinking outside of the box is the key :)



Shave The world Contest | Image Source: buzzfeed.com


Burying your head in the sand doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can be fun and get you a seat on the viral train. Ostriching became a photo trend a few months ago. It’s a simple move. Just stick your head into something or behind something in a way that resembles an urban ostrich. Stretch your arms backwords and dive right in!


Ostriching meme

Ostriching | Image Source: Ostriching (Via Facebook)

Angelina Jolieing

One of the freshest photo memes out there, inspired by Angelina Jolie’s famous leg-flashing at the latest Oscar’s ceremony. Angelina’s right leg has found stardom on the net since. The move is being duplicated by babies, celebrities and pets, while photoshop fans are attaching it to everything from Jesus to the Nyan Cat. Want to get in touch with the leg? This photo meme even has its own Twitter account!


Angelina Jolieing

Image Source: angelinajolieing.tumblr.com/


When bats sleep upside down, it’s nature. When people do it, it’s the internet. Batmanning combines a viral trend and a physical challenge. If you can pose upside down – you’re in. Just find something to hang from and make like you’re a superhero.



Batmanning | Image Source: Batmanning’s albums (Via Facebook)


Always wanted to take part in a photo trend? Join the “Wix is HTMLin’” challenge! We are celebrating the launch of the awesome HTML5 website editor with a fun photo challenge that will rock your boat.

All you need to do is to strike the HTML pose, snap a photo and submit it right HERE. One lucky winner gets to go on an exciting trip for two to either New York, San Francisco or Tel Aviv!



What are you waiting for? Start HTMLin’! 

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