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Art & Photography \ APR 3rd 2012

Real Easter Bunnies Caught on Camera

With Easter just around the corner, the Wix Blog team took to the streets in search of Easter Bunnies. Not the silly chocolate ones, the real Easter bunnies who carry around baskets with jellybeans and painted eggs. While we managed to find quite a few, none were willing to be photographed with the baskets for fear they’ll be sued for breach of contract. However, some were willing to be photographed in their natural habitat so long as their photos aren’t published on National Geographic, which they find anthropomorphic. So here they are, our dream bunny team for 2012! Enjoy!

baby Bunnies

Picture By Vanessakowalski

Picture By Bunny Spice

Picture By Bunny Spice

two bunnies

Picture By Craftybeaver

Bunny with sailor hat

Picture Source: cuteoverload

Two Baby bunnies in a sack

Picture By kitkat!

black Bunny lying on floor

Picture By Jen Merritt

two bunnies on a bed

Picture By Leslie Thomson

Baby bunny

Picture By James Troi

bunny in a box

Picture By E. Kuffman

Baby bunny on a hand

Picture By Melania Brescia

bunny on the grass

Picture By Vanessa Kowalski

Bunny snuggles

Picture By Simon Page

Baby bunny

Picture By Mavis C

Bunny in a cart

Picture By Sweetnseattle


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