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April 24th 2012 | Designing with Wix

The beauty about Wix is that you really don’t need any web design skills to build a great website. But if you do have a background as a designer, there’s practically no limit to what you can achieve using the Wix website builder. This is a collection of websites created Wix Pro Designers as they were introduced to the HTML5 website builder for the very first time.

Wix Pro Designers are professional web designers that use Wix as a working tool. They create Wix websites for their clients for very fair costs, and use their skills and experience to easily leverage the Wix editor and what it has to offer. Each Pro Designer has a profile on the Wix Arena, our very own eMarket that connects designers and potential clients.

The Wix Arena

The launch of the HTML5 editor was a new departure for Wix Pros. It spells out exciting and extended business opportunities. It was also an opportunity to challenge themselves professionally, get familiar with a new platform and learn to master it as soon as possible. And they did.

We put together a small selection of HTML5 websites created by Wix Pros. These websites can not only serve as a source of inspiration for all Wix users, they also inspire us, here at Wix, and gives us a fresh look on web design today.


Designer: developmedia

This agency is located in Bristol, UK. Their designs are fresh and non-conventional, but their service is extremely friendly and they offer clients assistance in the website management.

Zombie Media

Zombie Media

Designer: easyparma

Located in Bologna, Italy, and working with both Italian and English-speaking markets. They put a strong emphasis on simplicity, functionality and usability, which is a great plus for the client.

One Shot Squash Team

One Shot Squash Team

Designer: Designmy

Designmy is located in Melbourne, Australia, and offers web design services as well as brand identity services. Professional work for affordable prices, with various packages suitable for the needs of each client.

Salt And Pepper

Salt & Pepper | Bar & Grill

Designer: agencedesignplus

Need a website in either English, French, German, Russian or Spanish? This agency does it all! Situated in Florida, USA, agencedesignplus has vast experience with various types of websites and web design styles.

Millennium Car Services

Millennium Car Services

Designer: Adgiant

With more than 25 years in the advertising industry, AdGiant (Dallas, USA) offers not only beautiful website designs but also an understanding of how end-users interact with the design.

Wicked 6 Sports

Wicked 6 Sports

Designer: kjandersononline 

Combining web design and photography skills, this Wix Pro knows how visuals work. In addition to websites, kjandersononline (Michigan, USA) has experience with product design, brochures, book covers and more.

KJ Anderson Online

KJ Anderson Online


Designer: Galiano Graphics

Based in New York, USA, this agency offers a full package of web design, marketing strategy and brand identity. In-house photography services get things done quickly and more efficiently. Their designs are practical and functional without losing the WOW effect.

Galiano Graphics

Galiano Graphics




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