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Funniest Logo Parodies

Brands often take themselves too seriously, and that’s exactly why logo parodies are so great. Some are so good, that they exceed the original logo. So we collected a handful of amusing logo parodies that are guaranteed to get you LOLing. BTW, anyone up for making a Wix logo parody? :)


Windows Logo Parody

Carlsberg logo parody

The Olympic Symbol parody

Funniest Logo Parodies

Funniest Logo Parodies

MySpace logo parodi

Funniest Logo Parodies- Nokia

Porsche logo parody

Funniest Logo Parodies - Coca Cola

Funniest Logo Parodies - YouTube

Funniest Logo Parodies - Walt Disney

Funniest Logo Parodies - Marlborow

Funniest Logo Parodies - Facebook

Hollywood logo parody


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