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March 23rd 2012 | Now Trending

HTML5 is a lot more than a buzzword. It’s spreading like fire and has already influenced the internet a great deal. The strengths of this technology inspired developers and designers to create amazing web content. For the untrained eye, it’s not easy to determine which site or app is written with HTML5. But have no worries! This showcase is a selection of exceptional content that was created with HTML5 and can give you a taste of its capabilities.


A Glimpse into the Amazing Abilities of HTML5 


Amazing music video for “All Is Not Lost” – the HTML5 experiment by Google & indie band OK GO (works on Chrome only).

All Is Not Lost

All Is Not Lost - Google’s & OK GO’s HTML5 Experiment

WordMark – An application that helps you choose fonts by showing you how words look in a variety of fonts. Excellent for web and graphic designers.

WordMark - Visualising text in all fonts possible

WordMark - Visualising text in all fonts possible

Sketchpad – A sleek painting application based on HTML5.

Sketchpad - A Painting Application

Sketchpad - A Painting Application

3D Image Tiler, a hypnotizing HTML5 demo:


Beautiful websites created with HTML5


The Wired Mind

The Wired Mind | Visualization Tool

Go Up Communications

Go Up Communications

Rice Bowls

Rice Bowls | Fight Hunger



Digital Hands | Online Brand Communication

Digital Hands | Online Brand Communication

Cute HTML5 “Thank You” note, created by Wix user and contest winner Angie St.Gelais




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