15 Photos of the Human Side of Animals

March 13th 2012 | Now Trending

Animals always know how to steal the spotlight. And when they’re caught doing  something “human” on camera, they really get our Cute glands running.

“Animals Doing People Things” is a Tumblr blog dedicated to capturing animals who were coaxed into ridiculous but all too human poses . The images below are a a small selection of what this gorgeous photo blog has to offer.

We strongly advise you to share and tweet these pics with your friends. It’ll make their day.

3 dogs with sunglasses

Hamster with a cookie

rabbit on motorcycle

Dog strapped in car seat

Squirrel kissing a toy

Kangaroo chilling

barn owl on skateboard

ducks in pink dresses

bear sitting at the table

 porcupine with socks

dog standing on two legs

dog swining

Cat on xerox machine

panda on airplain

squirrel dressed as a pilot



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