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Art & Photography \ FEB 7th 2012

Photos of Beautiful Retro Cameras

Say what you may about the wonders of digital photography, vintage cameras just look so much cooler! If you were wondering what makes old cameras so popular amongst hipsters, fashionistas and photography enthusiasts, check out this showcase of gorgeous retro cams and get a taste of  good old fashioned film photography.

Retro Camera from UrbanOutfitters

author: UrbanOutfitters

Autor: Öykü Öge

Autor: Öykü Öge

retro camera by Yvette

Autor: Infinite BY Yvette

Old Polaroid Camera


Photo By Moa-Maria

Auothor: Moa-Maria

Photo By white_shadow_photog

Author: white shadow photography

Retro camera

Author: Elizabeth Ray

Photo By JKönig

Author: JKönig

Satellite camera stOOpidgErL

Author: stOOpidgErL

retro camera

Author: Melody Iliria

Retro Polaroid camera

Author: Paine666

Vintage Camera

Author: _cassia_

retro Camera

Author: Chris Seufert

retro camera

Author: Jayfish

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