How to Add Your Twitter Feed to Your Wix Site

Designing with Wix | February 21st 2012

Addicted to Twitter? Hot on Retweets? Let it show!
You can easily display your Twitter feed on your Wix website and share your awesome tweets with your site visitors. We’re going to show you exactly how!

How to Add Your Twitter Feed to Your Wix Site

Why Integrate Twitter?

Your tweets can boost your site’s content with dynamic and frequently-updating posts. On top of that, using Twitter on your site immediately opens a new communication channel with your site’s visitors. And don’t forget the extra credit you get for being social-media savvy.

No doubt, integrating Twitter with your site has a lot of advantages, but it’s not for everyone. If your website is highly business-oriented and your Twitter account is only for personal use, then it’s better not to bring the two together (using social media to promote your business is essential, so we recommend that you also open a business Twitter account).

Before you go and embed a Twitter feed to your website, you need to ask yourself: Is this Twitter feed relevant to the content of my site? Will my site visitors find these Tweets helpful, interesting or entertaining?

If the answer is “Yes!”, let’s get started:


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