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Art & Photography \ JAN 26th 2012

Showcase: Farm Life

Farm life has been idealized, romanticized, feared and ridiculed by modern society so many times that it’s hard to have an honest look into it. But the following photography works do exactly that. Even the most cynical town mouse will exprience some enchantment in face of these remarkable images. They depict a world that is fading away, and there lies a large part of their charm.

Photo of a farm by CubaGallery  Photo By ►CubaGallery

farm Photo By ►CubaGallery4Photo By ►CubaGallery

Photo of a lamb By AirymistPhoto By Airymist

Photo of cow By ►CubaGallery3Photo By ►CubaGallery

Photo horse By C.RangefinderPhoto By C.Rangefinder

Photo of farm By LisboktPhoto By Lisbokt

Photo of sheep By Emily Chastain Photography Photo By Emily Chastain Photography 

Photo of field By ►CubaGalleryPhoto By ►CubaGallery

Photo By CubaGalleryPhoto By ►CubaGallery

Photo of chickens By Hadleygrass is asparagusPhoto By Hadleygrass is asparagus

Photo By ~Sh@wn~Photo By ~Sh@wn~

Photo By Jocelyn AllenPhoto By Jocelyn Allen

Photo of field in sunset By Chelsea FisherPhoto By Chelsea Fisher

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