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Art & Photography \ JAN 17th 2012

Amazing Children’s Eyes Photography

Children are often fascinated by cameras, but that doesn’t make it easy to take portrait shots of them. Getting a child to sit through a studio sessioncan be a difficult task. Most professional photographers agree that the best method is to let them take the lead. Be ready for a very dynamic photo shoot and don’t try to force a smile or a gesture.
Give them freedom to be natural in front of the lens and they will reward you with a terrific shot.


kid photo by Kiwi Gal

kid photo by lightwerx photography

Kid photo by Crismatos Happy New Year

kid photo by Hel-Des

kid photo by HORIZON

Kid photo by Marji Lang

kid photo by ajitchouhan

Kid photo by marc-do-(OFF)

kid photo by keitheddleman

Kid photo by HORIZON

kid photo by dacookieman

kid photo by Sathish-Raj™

kid photo by Luca Querzoli alias Lulumio Photographer

kid photo by kinginexile

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