Showcase: 2011’s Best Web Design Moments

January 9th 2012 | Web Design

Well, it’s been quite a year! It seems that web designers are becoming more and more aware of usability and work wonders in bringing design, form and function together. Our 2011 picks are an insight into what we find exciting and user-centerd web design right now. These websites have impressed  us both with their distinct style as well as their unique way of communicating their brand messaging to consumers.

We hope you like our picks; do drop us a line if you have favorites of your own. Happy surfing 2012!

moods of norway website

zoo advertising website

captain dash website

 i am yuna website

no moon website

racket website

spring studios website

foma studio website

mike smart website

percival website

dare agency website

Australian business arts foundation website

morfus website

xixinobanho website - Xixinobanho

manufacturedessai website

mono face website

switch to virgin america website

National Television Website

tim biskup website

bravenu digital website

Bärnt & Ärnst website

i love spoon website

unlisted collection website

craig and karl website

this is tommy website

sellected website

lotie website


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