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December 22nd 2011 | Promote Your Site

In today’s online marketing game, a Facebook fan page is for businesses what a display window is for a store. It’s the first thing people see, and the one  that determines whether or not they will go in.

Facebook is an amazing social platform, with  incredible reach, but it cannot substitute for a website. What smart businesses are focusing on today is setting up their fan pages in ways that will attract people to visit their website. The more appealing your fan page, the better the chances people will visit your website.

This is why Wix recently launched the new Welcome Facebook Pages - a one-page mini site that integrates with your fan page and acts as a beautiful gateway from Facebook to your full website.

Create Your Own Facebook Page

What to Put on your Welcome Page?

The Welcome Page is the very landing page for you Facebook Fan Page. It should be an eye-catcher with striking visuals, large images and big fonts. A “Visit My Website” button should be located in a central and intuitive spot.

If you have a video demonstration of your products or a slideshow of your works you can upload them to the page and allow visitors to get a glimpse of what awaits them on your website. In other words – tease!

Another important thing to add to your Welcome Page is your contact information and relevant links to social profiles. In addition to the “Visit My Website” button, add your website’s address to this section as well.

How to Create a Facebook Welcome Page

Easy as pie!

  • First of all – do you already have a Facebook Fan Page? If not, go ahead and create one.
  • Log into your Wix account and visit this link.
  • In the Facebook Welcome Page section, you will see a selection of templates that were especially designed for Welcome Pages. Browse and choose your favorite one.
  • Click “Edit” on the template you chose, and start customizing the page in the Wix editor.
  • Once you’re ready, publish your Welcome Page. Then follow these steps to integrate your design into your Facebook fan page.

If you already have a Welcome Facebook Page, we’d love to see it!  Share the link in the comments and we might feature your fan page on our next Welcome Page showcase!

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