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11 Must-have Gadgets for Your Holiday Wishlist

As much as we love sparkling decoration and hour-long meals, would holiday season really be the same without gifts? Let’s not be ashamed to admit it – ‘tis the season to be greedy (a little). Just have a look around you. Everyone is busy looking for gift ideas – either for themselves or for their loved ones.

If you need help compiling your holiday wishlist, or if you’re still hunting for creative gifts for your friends and family, you’ve come to the right place!

The gadgets listed below will blow your mind! Sit back and let these gadgets awaken the nerd within you.  

 “Grid It” Organizing Wrap

Awesome Gadgets

The ultimate solution to organizing your stuff. This wrap has a space for everything a digital person needs. It’s the freedom to be mobile without losing your gear.


Valkee Brain Stimulator

Awesome Gadgets

Want to brighten up your day? This little device simulates natural daylight and helps you fight tiredness, migraines and winter blues with special earplugs that actually shoot light into your ears. It sounds weird at first, but medical tests show that Valkee actually reduces anxiety, increases energy and generally improves your mindset.


Cinemin Swivel Projector

Awesome Gadgets

Nothing less than a life-changing experience. This portable projector connects to your mobile device and projects a 60-inch picture! You can swivel the projection head to fit all kinds of angles, like lying in bed and watching a movie on the celling (sweeeeet!).


Pixel Time Wall Clock

Awesome Gadgets

A home or office decor item with a nostalgic flare. What’s the time? It’s 1987, baby!


FreeLoader Pro Solar Charger

Awesome Gadgets

Make the planet smile while powering-up your iPhone. Cameras, mobile phones, eBooks – you can charge almost every portable device with this solar-based charger



Awesome Gadgets

Think “skateboard for camera”. You strap your camera to Mobislyder, turn on the video camera and let it slide. The result? Awesome shots that you couldn’t have taken before.


R2-D2 Camping Chair

Awesome Gadgets

Going camping doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge your inner geek. This folding chair will remind you that you’re a Trekkie even while sitting around the camp fire.



Awesome Gadgets

If Del is your favorite key, you’re going to love this energy-saving LED light. It connects to your computer with a USB cable and gives you the “I’m a nerd who likes to make fun of my nerdiness” aura.

 Portable Scanner

Awesome Gadgets

Finally a gadget that puts an end to the tyranny of big, clumsy scanners. If you’re a Scan Fan, you can take this baby with you at all times, hook it to your laptop and scan everything you come across!


 Z3 iPad Stand

Awesome Gadgets

Why hold your iPad when you can have something to hold it for you? Adjustable to any height from lying to standing, this stand offers a grip-free iPad experience that comes in handy in many situations.


Canine Twitter Device

Awesome Gadgets

If your dog could talk, what would it tweet? This little thing will solve that mystery for you. One end goes on your dog’s collar, the other connects to your computer. Yada yada yada – your dog is trending on Twitter.

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