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Art & Photography \ NOV 3rd 2011

“Little Darlings”: Amazing Baby Animals Close-ups

Sharon Montrose is an award-winning commercial animal photographer who’s worked with some of the world’s foremost pet industry brands. She recently released “Little Darlings”,  a series of original close-ups of baby animals. The series is gaining fast reputation among bloggers for inspiring a sure “awww cute” effect. But there’s even a bigger group favorably responding to Montrose’s work:  “I heard from customers that their children were interacting with the photographs – particularly the close-ups,” said Montrose. “Their kids would talk to the animals…sing to them….kiss all of them before going to bed”. Photo prints are available starting at $25 for 8.5″ x 11″ prints with larger limited edition prints also available.


LittleDarlings - BearLittleDarlings - FoxLittleDarlings - MonkeyLittleDarlings - White TigerLittleDarlings - TigerLittleDarlings - CatLittleDarlings - RabbitLittleDarlings - GiraffeLittleDarlings - LambLittleDarlings - Duck

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