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Wix Goodies \ NOV 16th 2011

Congrats Winners of the Wix Slogan Mania Contest!

The Wix Slogan Mania Contest

On November 7 we launched the Wix Slogan Mania contest, asking you to create a catchy slogan for Wix.com. Since then, we received over 20,000 entries from Wix users worldwide within as little as one week. Competition was fierce!

Some entries were hilarious; some couldn’t be printed on paper; others were straight from the heart. It took great efforts but little by little we managed to narrow down the contestents to five wondrful winners! We’d like to thank you all for participating in the contest and for contributing such amazing entries.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the winners of the Wix Slogan Mania Contest:

Grand Prize Winner (MacBook, iPad, iPhone): Brent Schomer
Slogan: How Real People Make Websites

Runner up (iPhone): Ryan Fletcher
Slogan: We don’t speak in code

Runner up (iPhone): Jordan Fremgen
Slogan: A World Wide You

Runner up (iPhone): Michael Davis
Slogan: Your spot on the web

Runner up (iPhone): Mark Eagling
Slogan: Websites for people like you.

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