Showcase of Outstanding Wix Facebook Pages

September 21st 2011 | Designing with Wix

Creating and maintaining a website is no longer enough to keep your competitive edge.  In order to increase your reach you need to connect with your clients where they are, predominantly on Facebook.  One of the most effective ways to draw potential clients is by launching a Facebook page. Facebook pages are visible to everyone (not just your friends) and your news can travel fast through your fans’ news feeds. Still, even on Facebook, competition is hard. Getting noticed requires a strong measure of creativity.

This is exactly where our new product for Facebook, Wix Pages, comes in. Wix Pages allows you to add fully-functional websites to your Facebook fan page!

Not convinced? Check out these 10 outstanding Wix Powered Facebook Pages!


Here’s your chance to get yourself familiarized with Brittany Garoffolo‘s music. Her Wix-powered Facebook page has a short biography, videos and some great music samples.

Baby Clothes:

For all you moms out there, Trendy Babies is an alternative shop for original baby clothes made by stay-at-home moms.


If you’re a non-conformist, this is where you should get your clothes. Aberrant, which literally means “diverging from the norm”, is a store for people who don’t follow the standard dress code and prefer to find their own style.

 Arts and Crafts:

It’s hard to put a finger on why we’re drawn to homemade stuff. Perhaps it has something to do with their unique delicacy or the amount of thought put into them . If you’re into arts and crafts, you’ll find Cinnamon & Cloves‘ FB page inspiring.

 Graphic Design:

Marfier Duran‘s Facebook page design combines many elements which fit perfectly together.


The Return of the Dragon will be appreciated by every art lover, especially the geeky kind. :-)

Cakes and Confectioneries:

If you like sweets, this FB site will make your mouth water. Planet Cake offers cakes and confectioneries in all shapes and sizes.

Wedding Planning:

“Think pink” is this page’s motto. If you  just got engaged and have no idea how to start planning your wedding, the Pink Book will do it for you.

Graphic Studio:

CTL 360‘s Facebook page uses lots of features, thereby making it look more like a “mini site”. Check out this studio’s brilliant catalog.

Photography and Graphic Design:

It’s hard to ignore Christian Paul‘s photography. His flamboyant portrayal of everyday scenes will mesmerize you.


If you haven’t created a Wix-powered Facebook page yet, it’s time you get one!

Learn more by checking out our Wix Pages’ tips and best practices Wix Pages’ offical app page .



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