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Art & Photography \ SEP 27th 2011

Hallo en Welkom! Amsterdam in 12 Photos

For years, Amsterdam has captivated the world’s imagination with its Red Light District and its relaxed approach towards marijuana.  Only those who visited this western European capital know that alongside that “anything goes” myth there’s a compact and homely city with old world charm and modern architecture. If you’re planning on going to Amsterdam anytime soon and even if you’re not, here’s a little preview / taste of what you’re missing.

Amsterdam in 12 Photos

Amsterdam by Moyan Brenn, Flickr

Conservatorium van Amsterdam by sub_lime79, Flickr

By THCganja, Flickr

By jblyberg, Flickr

Flowers at Bloom in the Amsterdam Tulip Market by ethanlindsey, Flickr

Amsterdam Waterfront by Ephemeron1, Flickr

Amsterdam by rhurtubia, Flickr

Amsterdam Around Town by kevindooley, Flickr

Amsterdam by boklm, Flickr

Amsterdam in Motion by FaceMePLS, Flickr


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