Come on Irene: Showcase of Storm Photography

September 7th 2011 | Wix Photography

Photos are everywhere – on newsstands, commercial ads, our Smartphones and the web. Although we are highly equipped to take a picture, we have also grown used to the visual medium and are no longer easily stirred by images. We haven’t, however, gotten used to representations of life-altering situations. In fact, we’re fascinated by them. A heavy storm is a grand natural phenomena, reminding us of the scope of our world and our own fragility.

In light of the latest events of Hurricane Irene and for those of you who like photography, we put together a showcase of photos that depict storms before, during and after. Enjoy the thrill!


"End of the Season", Picture by Smokykater, Flickr


"Frozen Lawn", Picture by RedheadRaye, Flickr


"Through the Storm, You Go", Picture by Karrah Kobus, Flickr


"Alternative Dancing Through The Storm", Photo by andrewsulliv, Flickr


"Storm Straight", Photo by Robb North, Flickr


"The Storm Cloud", Photo by RaGardner4, Flickr


Photo by Storm Chaser


"Storm's Coming", Photo by Ragnar1994, Flickr


"After the Storm (Modello, Sicily)", Photo by Giampaolo Macorig, Flickr


"Kitten Hill", Picture by Danielle Page, Flickr


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