31 Job Boards for Landing your New Freelance Work

September 29th 2011 | Promote Your Site

Chasing clients? Forget about it. The modern freelancer has so many options to find work online. On these following job boards, the digital creative can access leads to dozens of open positions. These boards are especially designed to fit the needs of the self-employed. Some display listings for all kinds of different professions, while others focus on a specific field.

If you’re looking to expand your clients’ base and to increase monthly revenues, browsing through these boards is a great way to land more gigs. If you know more sites that can help the freelance community, feel free to share in the comments!

General Job Boards


Authentic Jobs

37 Signals

Web Pro Jobs

Job Pile



Freelance Switch



Freelancers Union


Simply Hired

Your Web Job

Go Freelance

Freelance Job Openings


Design, Animation, Art


The Wix Arena


Smashing Magazine


Design Crowd

Freelance Job Search


Blogging & Content


Pro Blogger

Online Writing jobs

Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing Gigs

Blogging Pro


Tech & Dev


Java Script Ninja

Django Gigs

Get a Coder


WordPress Freelance


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