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Google & SEO \ SEP 13th 2011

30 Free Places To Promote Your Website Online

Creating a website isn’t just about designing and setting it up. Like a tree in the forest that falls when no one’s around – does a website without visitors actually exist?

If you want your site to be effective, active online promotion is a necessity. In case you have no experience with promoting your site, you’re probably reaching out for some Aspirin now. But promoting websites isn’t only a simple task, you can even do so much without spending a dime!

The links below provide many opportunities to promote your site for free. It will take just a little of your time, but it can seriously increase your site’s traffic.


Directories are like phone books or Yellow Pages, except online. Submitting your site to online directories is highly recommended as it improves your site’s SEO (directories link back to your website). Make sure you also submit your site to regional, local and niche directories where your clients are most likely looking for you.

Scrub The Web


Entire Web

Exact Seek





Link Centre

So Much


Social Bookmarking:

Bookmarking your content in popular Social Bookmarking sites is a great way of gaining quality backlinks as well as exposing your content to a broader audience.

Stumble Upon


Clip Marks

Blink List



My Link Vault


Links Marker



Search Engines


Getting search engines to index your site quickly is a key part of gaining more traffic. Make sure these engines know that your site exists by submitting the link directly to them.





Photo-Sharing Sites

Photo-sharing sites give you an amazing opportunity to display visual content that is related to your business, which you can later use to refer and link back to your site. You can post images of events, coworkers, news and everything that is connected to your biz.






Article-Submission Sites

Just like with photo-sharing, article-submission is a terrific way to promote your site. All you need to do is write an article related to your work, organization or services, and submit it to these sites. It’s important to keep these articles actually informative. The less aggressive marketing in the article, the better the chances that readers will be interested in your site.

eZine Articles

Article Wheel

Article Geek

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