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Designing with Wix \ AUG 9th 2011

Wix’ Inside Scoop on the Hottest Web Design Trends

Times are a’changing… Looking at some popular web designs from back in the day… right around 2007, sure brings back some memories. Remember the old times? Facebook was still a toddler, Twitter was in advanced fetal stages, and Android, what’s that?

Web design trends move with the times, and the times move fast. The Wix studio has a team of designers whose sole job is to monitor trends that impact the web design industry and adapt Wix’ templates to changing styles and market needs. Looking at some of the popular trends today we can group together several styles you should consider when choosing your site’s new face:

The Dynamic Header
The shorter our attention span gets, the bigger the header becomes. Big headers transmit more information visually and come as a counter blow to small texts that demand great attention and slow decoding. The dynamic header has a few images on it which rotate every few seconds, conveying your most cruciual or compelling information.   This trend is in tune with magazine and advertising influence and can impress and pull in the visitor fast, dazzling them from the start.

Hot Web Design Trends - Dynamic Header Example 1Hot Web Design Trends - Dynamic Header Example 2

Wix site:

Hot Web Design Trends: Dynamic Header Wix website

One Page Layout and Color Spot
The one page layout is a clean and sleek look. It’s a calm approach often used to lure a visitor in with 1 or 2 focused messages.  This style is related to the minimalist trend as it takes away from the eye clutter, giving a message that’s easy to communicate without confusing the visitor with too many call-to-actions.

Hot WebDesign Trends: One Page Layout and Color Spot

The color spot often presents the slogan or acts as the homepage’s call to action, inviting the now curious visitor to open the door and walk in.

Wix site:

Hot WebDesign Trends -One Page Layout and Color Spot Wix Design

Using Smart Device as Photo Frame
Smartphones, touch pads, paper thin screens… technology is becoming darn attractive. We want it useful, but we also want it sexy. This design trend uses smart devices as photo frames, giving the site an up-to-date, technological appearance. Your site doesn’t have to be about iPads to take advantage of their polished look & feel right on your homepage

Hot Web Design Trends - Using Mobile Devices as Photo Frame

Wix Site:

Hot Web Design Trends - Using Smart Device as Photo Frame Wix Sketch

If there’s a hot new design trend you’d like for us to showcase next, let us know!

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