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Art & Photography \ AUG 11th 2011

The Way We Were: Collectible Vintage Toys

Old styles are constantly making a comeback. Vintage clothes, furniture and pop-art accessories all have a huge market and the common consensus on the net is that “there’s no time like the past”.  Going back in time is not an option, but making the present take the form of the past is. As adults, we are often tempted to look at toys. Whether by plan or by chance, an encounter with a childhood toy strikes a chord with most people. For all of you young-at-heart grown ups, we’ve collected rare and amazing photos of vintage toys, which nowadays are sold as collectibles. Aside from wooden toys, you’ll also be able to find wind-up robots, educational toys and even the old mandatory “Game and Watch”. Enjoy!

Photo By doe-c-doe

Photo By dayglowill

Photo By amy_b

Photo By xabi

Photo By Jack Fussell

Photo By brianstowell

Photo By Niesz Vintage Fabric

Photo By fotEK10

Photo By dpawl63


Photo By klt_works2

Photo By el-rebelski

Photo By m_r_harvey

Photo By The White Mole

Photo By H is for Home

Photo By galessa's plastics

Photo By Hillary Lang

Photo By klt:works

Photo By sherwood scot

Photo By Mister Mushroom

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