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Wix Goodies \ JUL 21st 2011

@WixUsers We Have Winners!

Twitter Challenge Winners

The  #WixKnowsMeBest Contest has been wrapped up! We asked you share some your outrageous secrets with @Wix on Twitter and boy, some things are truly better left unsaid. Glad you got that off your chests y’all.

So, what did we have? Closeted Super Mario fans,  Saturday night cross-dressers,  strange relationships with animals, unusual love triangles, people who burp bible chapters, apply cosmetics to their pets, wash their hair with eggs and are irrationally related to G-d. We sure heard it all now!

We’d like to thank all of you for sharing your darkest secrets with us, it’s been scary but fun (sort of like a roller coaster from hell).

As you may recall, winners were randomly selected from thousands of contest entries.

Here are the lucky three who’ll soon get to boast a new HTC Smatphone!:

Shethy Stuckey-Smith: @flyer2009

Jackie Tweed: @tweed524

carlos Guerra: @carlosguerrav

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